R.F.Y レーシングファクトリーヤマモト RFY NSX S2000 HONDA チューニング アフターパーツ マフラー メンテナンス 兵庫 大阪 関西

R.F.Y レーシングファクトリーヤマモトはNSX、S2000のアフターパーツやエアロパーツ、車両メンテナンス、エンジンチューニング、車検整備からレース車両製作までトータルでサポートしております。

NSX エキゾースト


価格 ¥300,000-(税別)




Commodity explanation

It is a manifold that has pride to be the most efficient and reliable on the market. The manifold length of each cylinder pipe is equal in length, simply installing these parts is enough for you to feel a considerable difference. Once setting up the computer program’s fuel map it’s possible to increase the engine power by over 30 HP.
To improve the original performance, we at RFY recommend this computers setting, though with a normal computer the performance is still moderate. The normal ratio about 30HP can improve.

O2 sensor extension harness attachment included.

- This exhaust series is an enhanced production on orders.
This is a made to order part which takes about 30 days production. Shipping usually takes about 5-7 days.